Cheap Escorts In London Depicted As Otaku


When you work for London escorts, you never know what a client is going to be looking for. Sometimes, when you are lucky, the client will have told the girls on the reception what he wants. But, the truth is that it does not happen all of the time. Yet. Clients expect London escorts to meet their needs and special requirements at the drop of a hat. Working as a cheap escorts in London is not always as easy as it would seem.

Last night, a guy asked me if I wanted to be his Otaku girlfriend. He said that he had checked out my photo listed on the London escorts site, and he thought that I looked sweet and innocent just like an Otaku girl. I had never heard of an Otaku girl working for London escorts, so I had to ask him what an Otaku girl is and what they do.

It turns out that if you are into Japanese anime, you may just date an Otaku girlfriend. Apparently, an Otaku girlfriend is sort of the Japanese version of a Lolita. Well, we have plenty of Lolitas at London escorts. I think that most teen London escorts would qualify as Lolitas or petites as we like to call them at our London escorts agency. Anyway, the idea is that you look sweet and innocent, and very childish. Apparently, Japanese men are into dating women who are a lot younger than themselves, or at least appear to be a lot younger.

If you want to be an Otaku girlfriend, you need to get the costume right first of all. Apparently, it involves wearing a short sexy pleated skirt and having your hair in pig tails. I can’t remember the last time that I had my hair in pig tails. To be honest, I don’t think that is something that most London escorts would consider doing, but if that is what it takes to be an Otaku girlfriend, I am more than happy to do so. On top of that, you also need to display a lot of childish behavior and act a bit silly.

I think that the best thing that I can do, is to check out Japanese anime series. From what I understand, anime is packed with Otaku girlfriends. It may be something new to London. Most girls who work for London escorts often look for a niche and I have to admit that I am not any different from them. Maybe I have accidentally stumbled on a niche that I can put to good use at London escorts. Do I need to dye my hair black? From what I understand from my client, hair colour is not a specific requirement. You can be almost any hair colour as long as you have a childish personally and are happy to romp around in pleated skirts all night long. I do wonder if being an Otaku girlfriend is for me. It would mean that I would have to change my entire wardrobe.