Illinois Press Association Names The City Of Kankakee ONE Of The Top 10 Worst Governmental Bodies In The State.


The Illinois Press Association has released its list of government bodies in the state that are the worst offenders of the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act.  They awarded the City of Kankakee the sixth position in their top 10 offenders list for 2006 because of an incident last spring when Mayor Green and City attorney Chris Bohlens attempted to get the City Council to pass an ordnance to make it illegal to tape City Council meetings by the public and its own alderman unless they have their permission.  After the Attorney General's  public access counselor, Terry Mutchler was contacted by area citizens and OUTRAGE, Mayor Green and City Attorney Chris Bohlens pulled the ordnance from the meeting agenda.


In 2005, the County of Kankakee was named one of the top 10 worst offenders of the Freedom Of Information Act.  This came about because of all the Freedom Of Information requests concerning the County that were denied by Ed Smith, the Kankakee County States Attorney who resigned as of September 30 of this year.