Can You Live In A Partner Led Relationship


What is a better half led relationship? Sure there may be times when you simply consent to your better half’s choices (typically to stop her nagging) however that isn’t usually what is referred to as a wife led relationship. When the wife ends up being the dominant partner and the spouse is entirely submissive, this type of relationship is more.

There are different degrees to partner led relationships with some having the better half just slightly dominant and perhaps just in specific circumstances. The male will make no choices whatsoever regarding anything in the home or the relationship; it will all be done by the lady.

Some guys really like being the submissive one in the relationship and may find themselves not being as submissive as they like due to the fact that the wife isn’t all that comfy with it. In a lower degree of being submissive a man may simply hand over the major choice making to his partner but still have some control himself.

Although some ladies delight in being the dominant celebration, some ladies will find it really off putting, particularly if you are asking her to be the completely dominant partner, which is what a real wife led relationship is. The man is a servant to the lady and will do everything for her.

The man will do all the chores, cleansing and cooking around the house and she might bark out orders to him and he will run and do them. Although she may want to assist around the house, men that like this kind of relationship will desire her to anticipate him to do everything. They enjoy being treated like a servant.

In a spouse led relationship the woman has complete control over their sexual relationship. When he doesn’t please her, the male will in fact anticipate her to utilize sex as a reward for completing his chores or even as a penalty. If a female does a task in the home the man may be dissatisfied due to the fact that he can not do that task himself and be rewarded for it.

If the wife is please with her husband’s efficiency with his chores then she will reward him by pleasing him sexually and this is what the man eagerly anticipates. If she is not delighted with her spouse’s work around the home then she may deny him pleasure of his own while he has to please her and give her satisfaction.

Some guys will like the sexual side of a partner led relationship and even delight in when satisfaction is withheld as it makes it more amazing when they are rewarded next. Other men aren’t as thinking about the sexual enjoyment of a partner led relationship but much like the idea of the female being the dominant partner and deciding.

Then certainly discuss the idea with your other half, if you think you would like to try a better half led relationship. If you are providing to do more around the house but be prepared for her to treat you like a slave, she may be pleased to join in.

You can give it a trial run and see how it goes and if you both enjoy it then you might continue to have a pleasurable better half led relationship.